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Lots of little labs Images That Catch My Eye

Lots of little labs Images That Catch My Eye


How your eyes betray your thoughts

Electrical impulses in the brain can sometimes cause random spasms, which may result in a temporary eyelid twitch.

Eye herpes

Office AC can make eyes dry, itchy and red: Here's what you need to

yellow eyes

Hero Images / Getty Images

istock/bojan fatur. “

STD Awareness: Can You Get an STD in Your Eye? | Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona

What Happens If Sperm Gets In Your Eyes? 6 Things To Expect, Because You Will Be Dropping F-Bombs

Blepharitis and how to treat it Blepharitis causes inflammation around the base of the eyelashes and makes a person's eyes sticky.

How to Treat Chemical Splash in the Eye | First Aid Training

Inflammation can result from different kinds of bacteria or viruses.

What is this bump on my eyelid? Learn all about the different types of bump that can appear on the eyelids. This article examines their causes and treatment ...

The Eye and STIs

Red Eye in Rabbits

Top 10 foods for healthy eyes Foods rich in certain nutrients can have a powerful effect on eye health. Read about 10 foods for healthy eyes, ...

Eye health

Cherry eye

Finding a bump on the eyeball can be alarming, but most causes are harmless and easily treatable. In this article, we look at issues that can cause ...

13 Secrets Your Eye Doctor Won't Tell You

Head to the doctor for pinkeye

When 'floaters' in your field of vision are a sign of deeper medical issues

a closeup of a cat's eye

You Asked: Can Computers Really Ruin My Eyes?

Eye health

Eye injuries in dogs

Photo: iStock

An introduction to eyes and how they work The eyes are incredibly complex organs. In this article, we explain their anatomy, how they work, and describe ...

I'll always be haunted by a patient's screams after I told her she would die

Amazon.com: Little Tikes STEM Jr. Wonder Lab Toy with Experiments for kids: Toys & Games

An example of cherry eye in dogs.

Conjunctivitis In Dogs


What can we do when patients have lost functional vision in glaucoma? When we catch glaucoma early enough, we are fortunate in much of the developed world ...

Experts said the ...

Expert warns red and bloodshot eyes could be a warning sign of eye infection | Express.co.uk

Eyelash extensions - everything you need to know. FAQs about eyelash extensions


Keratitis images

Photo: iStock

Worm in woman's eye leads to discovery

When it comes to colours, like I said before, it only has a little bit to do with your camera and a whole lot to do with what you do ...

A worm pulled from Abby Beckley' ...

The lice were found in eyelashes


conjunctivitis in dogs

fly stare

Figure 2.

8 Early Warning Signs of Canine Cancer that Dog Owners Can't Ignore | The Dog People by Rover.com

A subtle pearly lesion in the middle of the lower eyelid's lash line is a BCC.

The dryness in the eyes reduces performance at workplace and thereby affects personal confidence.

8 Common Eye Problems in Dogs

Amazon.com: Little Tikes STEM Jr. Wonder Lab Toy with Experiments for kids: Toys & Games

Why French Bulldogs (and Their Owners) Are the Worst: A Rant

eye trackers


View Larger Image The Complete Pocket Guide to Eye Tracking

Close-up of prolapsed gland in small breed dog

... to me that feels different than true hard eye? At those times I can still touch them or even handle them (lift them up if needed) akthough they are very ...

Eye Tracking Pocket Guide Insert


Normal geriatric dog eye, with normal Nuclear Sclerosis

Fundus autofluorescence image of a patient with Stargardt disease.

5 Types of Dog Eye Discharge (and What They Mean)

The Eye Exam for Glaucoma

Canine Eyes & Their Disorders. Keys to preserving your dog's vision

Maybe you've noticed some discharge coming from your dog's eye, or maybe you think the eye seems swollen or your dog is holding it closed.

View image of Some people can see in ultraviolet, but only after eye surgery (Credit: SPL)

Closeups of an eye on several television monitors

Amanda, that's a great shot! Mireille's are cool, too. I took this photo a few days ago – this is not “the look,” but more like an illustration: ...

Scleral lens, with visible outer edge resting on the sclera of a patient with severe dry eye syndrome

Keep an eye out for our new co-lab with Wild Steelheaders United on techniques for catch and release of wild steelhead. These will be making an appearance ...

Babbage: The blame game

Science and spirituality meet in the new film I Origins

A little while later came the arrival of mammals. For the Millennials of the Animal Kingdom, life was complicated. Yes, their hearts needed to beat and ...

How to prevent dog pink eye


9 Reasons To Stop Waxing Your Eyebrows And Try One Of These Shaping Alternatives Instead

Keep an eye out for our new co-lab with Wild Steelheaders United on techniques for catch and release of wild steelhead. These will be making an appearance ...

"Face flies" gathered around ...

Dr Yoshiki Sasai, the late Japanese biologist who was building a human eye in his lab (Dimitri Vervitsiotis/Getty)

cricketer's eye on the ball

Pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis, is that well-known eye infection you probably caught back in the day in grade school. That's because it's highly ...

Diabetic Miniature Schnauzer blinded by cataracts. His left eye has a misshapen pupil secondary to